How I Made BBG Work for Me at Home

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was restarting BBG. So far, it’s been great! I’m seeing the results I never saw last time – and here’s why:

I’m keeping better track of my eating.
Yes, that means heading out at night with a bag full of roasted chickpeas or sunflower seeds. It’s rare that you’ll catch me without my healthy snacks. I’ve accepted that fact that I’m human, that exercising increases my appetite, and that if it’s late, I’m going to make bad food decisions if I don’t come with my own supply. Having something tasty in my purse allows me to snack with everyone else without ending up off track.

I added more weights and subbed out some of the plyo exercises.
The first time I did BBG, I was a stickler for directions. I thought that I had to do every workout verbatim and follow the days outlined in the guide. Since I’m still dealing with an injury in my heel, I’ve subbed out some of the exercises that incorporate jumping for some lower impact exercises. I also added weights wherever I could, because #gains!

I also keep my schedule consistent by always doing legs on Monday, arms on Wednesday, and abs/full body on Friday. The guide moves things around, but I realized that I am more mentally prepared for my workouts if I keep each split on the same day each week.

Working out at home means I don’t have to share my weights.
If you’ve ever done BBG in a gym, you know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re vying for space in the open area or trying to stop someone from stealing your medicine ball while you complete your 15th burpee, there is always something! I can’t count how many mornings I stuck with lighter weights because the rest were taken or adjusted exercises due to spacial constraints at the gym. Practicing at home means that I never have to worry about something being unavailable!

I also spend less time transitioning between circuits because all of my equipment is close by. When I started out, I wondered if I would be able to complete BBG at home, and it is totally doable – and even better – than racing for equipment each morning. I go into my workouts much more relaxed because I’m no longer worried about having what I need to get a quality BBG workout it.

Overall, I am finding working out at home to be so much fun!
I sleep more, I have less excuses, and I save so much time. Now that I no longer live near a gym, I had to make a choice: spending time each day traveling 40 minutes in total to and from the gym or purchase equipment and do it myself. I’m glad I went with the latter because I can use the time that I would spend commuting doing something else. I’m currently entering week 11 of BBG and I plan on celebrating my finish during Thanksgiving! Last time I finished BBG, I didn’t know if I’d continue, but this time, I know that I’m going to continue with week 13!

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