I’m Back to BBG!

After a very long (and sore) 12 weeks of BBG Round 1, I said I was done. I didn’t think the program was for me. Although I loved the structure of the program, it was a little too high impact for me given that I was also running three times a week on my off days.

What led me back to BBG was actually what originally led me to BBG. I really enjoy how easy it is to follow. Instead of thinking about and creating my workout for the upcoming day, I simply flip a page. The only way to describe my life right now would be highly chaotic, so I appreciate waking up and having something formulated already. I also love how short it is! I do a 10-minute cardio warm up and then proceed through the 4 circuits. By the time that I do all of that and stretch, I’m done in 45-50 minutes.

The first time I did BBG, I did make a few adjustments, and I will be making some again this time around. First of all, I still will not be following the food guide. Secondly, I will be adding weights to any exercises where it makes sense (e.g. sumo squats, walking lunges, sit ups, etc). Thirdly, even though I’m not training for a race right now, I am still running 2-3 times weekly. I am open to finding other fun cardio workouts that are lower impact. LISS really bores me, which is why I prefer interval treadmill workouts and sprints. Lastly, I really want to have fun this time around! I exercise to get stronger, physically and mentally, but also because it’s a great way to recharge. If I hated my workout program, I don’t think it would make me a better person.

Anyway, I’m excited for my second round! I think it’s going to be better than my first because I can accurately manage my expectations this time. I’ll let you know how it comes along!

One thought on “I’m Back to BBG!

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