The Quest for Cold Brew (Continued)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my journey back to student life. To be honest, I haven’t been saving as much as I would like, but I am now making my coffee, which is a big step! I spent the majority of my summer sampling cold brew at some of my favorite New York cafes (see Think, Oren’s, & Birch) and struggling to find cold brew across the Atlantic, so it’s been an adjustment for me to make it myself!

Being a student again is making me quite the DIYer. Fortunately, making cold brew only takes a few minutes and it’s hard to mess up. The first step is to select a cold brew “maker”. I use the word maker very lightly here because my cold brew machine is effectively a giant tea infuser! Nevertheless, there are so many on Amazon, but it really came down to two factors for me: size and material. I wanted something that was BPA-free, so I went with a glass bottle. I also chose something rather small because I wanted something that could hold enough concentrate for the week and fit in the door of my fridge.

After buying your cold brew maker, it’s time to select your beans. If you want to take the lazy way out and buy pre-ground beans, I won’t judge you! Life gets busy sometimes. It happens to all of us. For the moment, I’ve been buying organic ground coffee. I am interested in figuring out how to grind my own beans in the future, but for now, ground it is! I would suggest that you buy something you’ve had before at a cafe and enjoy unless you’re a coffee aficionado. Since I normally drink my coffee black or with a slight dash of non-dairy milk, I tend to shy away from extremely bitter flavors and lean towards smoother tastes.

Once you have your ground coffee, it’s time to brew! For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a ratio of 1 cup of ground coffee to 3.5 cups of cold filtered water. I let it sit in my refrigerator for 18 hours before I take out the infuser and remove the ground coffee beans. One of my favorite things about cold brew is that you can let it sit for up to two weeks! At this point, I’ve only been making weekly batches, but I like knowing that I can keep it around for a while before it gets old.

And there you have it! If only I could learn how to make my own kombucha too…

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