Düsseldorf in a Day

It wouldn’t be fair if I set off traveling and didn’t reveal my secrets, would it? I recently spent a day in Düsseldorf and absolutely loved it. While I am still recovering from the 10+ miles I walked, I enjoyed myself and would certainly do it again!

I arrived in Düsseldorf by mid-morning on the train. The main neighborhood with the museums, small shops, and restaurants, Alstadt, is about a ten-minute drive from the station or a short ride on the metro. When I arrived, I first took in the beautiful views along the river while sipping an americano (it was an early morning!). From that point, there are several local museums and cathedrals that are within a 5-10 minutes walk.

After taking in the architecture and rich history, head down the beautiful cobblestone streets for some shopping! I sampled many different vinegars, olive oils, and mustards before landing on a few favorites. I purchased some date vinegar and honey-dill mustard. Unfortunately, I forgot a reusable bag, so I had to stash my jars and bottles in my purse!

Next, I stopped for lunch at Sattgrun Mitte! It was about 15 minutes from the shops, but after reading the reviews, I couldn’t be deterred! Since I try to eat 1-2 plant based meals per day, I opted for this vegan restaurant. Because of my allergies and lactose intolerance, I often struggle to find healthy plant based meals in traditional restaurants. I can’t even tell you how many times vegetarian options are just pasta in cream sauce or risotto! Sattgrun Mitte had a buffet set up for lunch with several soups and lots of vegetables! Everything was labeled and there were several allergy-friendly dishes! I was very satisfied with my food, and ready to continue exploring the city!

Following lunch, I headed to the main shopping area, Konigsallee. There, you will find two outdoor malls and the more typical stores such as Zara, H&M, and Anthropologie. I walked up and down the street, shopping and then window shopping once I reached the more expensive stores of Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Jimmy Choo. There were also several cafes in this area. I stopped for a mid-afternoon snack of two squares dark chocolate with ginger!

A few hours later, I was ready to take a break and rehydrate! I headed to Laura’s Deli, a health food cafe, for an unsweetened grapefruit iced tea. This cafe also had some interesting food options, but many of them contained nuts.

With my tea in hand, I strolled to my last sight of the night, the Rhine tower! It was amazing to be hundreds of feet in the sky above the city. The views were breathtaking, literally. I thought I was going to fall out of the slanted windows and I’m not normally afraid of heights!

Once my feet were back on the ground, it was time for dinner! I headed to Bob & Mary’s because I was really craving a burger! I tend to manage my food cravings by just eating whatever it is I’m craving from time to time. Elimination and strict restriction lead me to unhappiness.

After I translated the menu, I was surprised and happy to find that Bob & Mary grind their own beef several times a day! Out of all of the burger restaurants I’ve been to, never has anyone mentioned that they actually make their own ground meat! I had the best burger of my life! It was juicy, flavorful and topped with just the right amount of onions! The fries were crispy and the side salad added the perfect balance to the meal. I even ordered a side of avocado so I could dunk my fries in it! I removed the bun since I forgot to order it naked style. Bob & Mary also have several vegetarian and vegan meal options. I never even asked for the dessert menu since I was full!

I was so fatigued from walking all day and headed back to the train station. Overall, I loved the city! There is so much to do and I definitely could have stayed another day, but now I’ll have an idea of where to go for next time!

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