BBG Week 11: Ok, Any Day Now…

To reach the final week of BBG is both exciting and disappointing. I couldn’t be more enthused to plan my celebration! At the same time, I’m not happy with my progress. And I’m not just talking over the past few weeks, I’m talking overall.

I don’t expect my body to change drastically in the next 6 days, so I can safely assume what I’m working with right now constitutes my BBG gains. I ended up seeing a lot more definition in my arms and legs, which is great. However, my core is just chillin. Still. And my chest/back? I get sour just thinking about it. And I’ve reached week 12! Needless to say, I don’t have any groundbreaking BBG transformation photos to share, not that I’d be sharing them with y’all anyway.

One unexpected benefit of BBG is that I became a better runner. Over the past 11 weeks, I’ve gotten faster-even on distance runs! It’s been encouraging to see progress in my running because I went through a period last year where I was stagnant for so long. Since I started BBG and reduced my mileage, I’m actually improving. Who knew?

As much as I love running, I also enjoy the challenge of resistance training. I discontinued my previous strength training workouts and started BBG because I was plateauing. Now, nearly 3 months later, I do feel stronger but I don’t feel how I expected to. I’m still struggle busing my way through push ups and all types of core work.

For several weeks now, I’ve been wavering on whether I want to continue with BBG or try something else. This week sealed my fate. I reached out to some fellow BBGers (did I just create a word?) for advice. And nobody answered me. Not one person.

At that moment (well not in that exact moment because I’m patient and give people a chance), I realized that BBG isn’t/wasn’t for me. I’m not seeing what I to see. I’m not part of any supposed community. Or I at least don’t feel like I am. And as much as I love the organized structure, I’m confident that I can find something else that works just as well for me. This certainly won’t be the first time I switch up my fitness routine, and it probably won’t be the last. I am going to keep going until I find something that I love that works really well for my body. In the meantime, I’m going to finish what I started because quitters never win. I’m also going to continue with my running routine. I run three times a week and ensure that every workout has a purpose. Each week, I incorporate speed, hills, and endurance training. I have a few races coming up in the next few weeks, and I’m really excited about them.

Next week will be my last BBG post! As lackluster as this journey has turned out to be, there are definitely some upsides, so stay tuned for my full review!

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