BBG Week 5: I Know What I Need

In addition to my personal life, BBG week 5 came with its own set of challenges. This is the first week that arms and abs are broken out, and let me tell you, I’m feeling it. I officially resent all my coworkers who made me laugh because even my diaphragm was sore! I have to say that I really enjoyed the workouts though. The movements seem differentiated from those in previous weeks, which definitely kept me interested!

I don’t remember the last time I was this sore on the regular basis. It usually subsides after a day, but then I’m onto the next workout and even more sore! I’m so glad that I’ve become more flexible with my mileage, because my runs have been based on how I’m feeling lately. Sometimes I sprint, and sometimes I don’t, and that’s ok. I used to think that athletic people couldn’t just be athletic in nature-they had to pick a thing. They had to be great at running but have a weak core or excellent at practicing yoga, but incapable of running several laps around the block. BBG is more of a holistic program. I have days where I’m grumbling through pushups, and then I have days where I’m actually enjoying bent leg jackknives because I hate push ups so much. This is the first time in my workout journey that I remember feeling so balanced. I feel like I have the energy to performed varied exercises because the routines change so often.

Even though I don’t have an exercise science background, I used to piece together my workouts for the week. It would take me hours to find a bunch of workouts that I thought would go well together. Now, I just bring along my BBG pdf and keep it moving! It’s so easy. I’ve accepted that while I love fitness, I’m not an expert. I’ve accepted that I need someone to guide me, and right now that’s Kayla.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do after the 12 weeks is up, but I know that BBG has changed the way that I look at fitness. I’m constantly reading articles about working out and trying to learn more. It seems like right now everyone is really down on cardio and pushing more strength training. It’s easy to get wrapped up in these fads, but ultimately I know what I need.

Since I actually enjoy running now and see results from including cardio, HIIT, and resistance training in my fitness routine, I’m not going to change it. I know people who run daily, and that’s cool. I know people who only lift, and that’s cool too. I don’t think I’m going to join either team, at least not today or tomorrow. BBG has made me more confident in owning my fitness, and I’m thankful for that.

Going forward, I’m going to be traveling next week, so I will discuss my modifications and adjustments since I will have to manage being on the road. I’ve also been experimenting a bit with my diet. For years, I drank smoothies in the morning, and that hasn’t been enough to sustain me because of the intensity of my morning workouts. Last week, I made a quinoa breakfast bake, which was delicious but unfortunately fell apart! Needless to say, I’m still on the looking for on the go breakfasts, so please let me know if you have recommendations! Other that that, I’m excited for week 6 and plan to celebrate being halfway done!

In Kayla I Trust,


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