BBG Week 4: I Think I See Progress

I’ve never been one to post lots of full body photos on the gram, but I am monitoring my progress offline for myself. I didn’t really embark on this journey to gain anything other than strength. Of course, I’ll take the muscle tone that comes with that, but this program is really about me being able to complete repetitions of movements (i.e. jump lunges and push ups) that frighten me to the core.

That being said, I’m seeing some slight changes and I’m really excited that this program is working! No pain, no gain, right? I don’t think they would be noticeable to anyone other than me though. I can see my hamstrings now! The last time I saw this definition in my legs was during my short stint in high school track! Last year while I was training for races, I saw much more definition in my quads than my hamstrings, so this is kind of new and exciting. It must be all the jumps I struggle bus my way through!

Speaking of jumping, the week 2/4 leg workout is no game! I’m sore when I stand, sit, and lie down! There is no way to escape it. On Tuesday, I actually settled for a LISS workout, a combo of running and uphill walking, because I was too sore to sprint. I prefer to save my sprints for when I know I can really go full out. That would not have happened Tuesday morning since that delayed onset muscle soreness creeped up on me in the night!

Overall, I’m much more satisfied with the progress in my legs/lower body than my arms and abs. The arm/ab workouts are still extremely difficult for me and I have yet to notice any improvements. I’m hoping that will change soon though since the arm and ab days are broken out from week 5 on. I’m trying to be patient, but it is certainly tough. I’ll also be traveling quite a bit over the next few weeks, so I will likely have to move some things around and get creative since most hotel gyms are still in a sad 1990s state.

In addition to BBG this week, I went to hot yoga! It was supposed to be an intermediate class but it was definitely more on the advanced side! Needless to say, I’m sore from that but glad to get in the extra arm/core work.

Today, I am definitely going to be practicing active rest! My entire body feels fatigued, so I must rest and treat myself well in preparation for week 5 legs!

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