BBG Week 3: Is This a Habit Yet?

I can officially say that I am 25% of the way through BBG! Since the workouts were the same as those in week 1, I knew what to expect. I learned that I prefer jump squats to jump lunges and that overhead squats with a medicine ball are more difficult than overhead squats with dumbbells. If only my medicine ball had handles! Since it has now been 21 days, I’m thinking that I can consider BBG a habit now. At least I hope so.

Even though this was only my second time completing these workouts, I wasn’t in a state of complete shock like I was when I started. However, I was still incredibly sore after leg day. I don’t have a standing desk at work, but I did stand up periodically at my desk because my glutes were screaming. I used to think that sitting would always be more comfortable than standing, but that wasn’t the case! My soreness did subside after a few days. I was still able to get in a few HIIT workouts on the treadmill.

My chest and arms were also sore after Wednesday’s arms and abs workout. I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that it’s going to be a while before my pushups are fully flushed out and beautiful, so I’ve resolved to perfecting my lay down pushups. As a former ballet dancer, I’ve always been a stickler for proper form. I’d rather do full out repetitions of a modification than a slew of awful looking pushups.

The one thing that has surprised me the most so far about my BBG journey is the way that I feel. Although the workouts are tough, my body feels faster and stronger. The focus on full body movements in contrast to isolation exercises is transforming my fitness. I may be running less miles, but I’m running at a faster pace than before even when I’m running at a moderate pace! I also have more energy during my workouts to push myself to the next level. Before BBG, I worked out 6 days a week, but would often feel fatigued toward the end of the week. I was less motivated to push myself because my body started to demand rest on Thursday! Now with shorter, more productive workouts, I’m able to maintain both workout frequency and energy!

While I know next week’s workouts will be undoubtedly tough, I know they will be so rewarding! I am taking today off to stretch and rest so that I’ll be ready for week 4 starting tomorrow.

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