Time really does fly! This week, I completed my second week of BBG! While the movements differed from those in week 1, I expected to be challenged. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to execute every move perfectly, and I had to accept that I am a work in progress. Below are my thoughts on the week.


I made the mistake of doing this workout while I was out of town. Sitting on a train for four hours after all those jump lunges was the worst thing I could’ve possibly done to myself! If my quads could talk, they would’ve been screaming. Speaking of jump lunges, I really can’t do more than 6 in a row. Send help.


LISS didn’t sound to appealing, but I was far too sore to sprint. I decided to go for a moderate speed 4-mile run and stretch.


I was happy to see that this week’s arm workout didn’t have as many push ups as last week’s. I could actually complete the circuit once and then some within seven minutes! I started thinking that the workout was too easy until I sneezed at work after working out. I think I pulled a muscle in my diaphragm if there is such a thing.


With my legs finally feeling less sore, I was ready for HIIT. I opted for a speed workout on the treadmill: a mix of 200s, 300s, 400s, and 600s. I stretch every day, but I focus more on calf stretches after runs since I tend to get charlie horses.


I felt ready to tackle my final BBG workout of the week. While I still can’t do a push-up with perfect form repetitively, my lay down push-ups weren’t looking too shabby! Go me!


Initially, I planned to do LISS, but I really cannot move at the same pace for an eternity while indoors! My body, mind, and attention span can all get quite rebellious. I compromised with myself and ran two miles at moderate pace followed by a very fast mile and an uphill walk to cool down. All in all, I made it 45 minutes!


Sunday is always my rest day. I love having my rest day on the weekend because I have more time to treat myself well. Typically, I go to yoga and for a walk. I prefer to engage in active rest, so that I am not stiff for Monday’s workout! I can’t wait to see what week 3 has in store!

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