5 Stages of Runner’s High

I get it. It happens. A fantastic run or race will have all the endorphins flowing. Since it’s Marathon Week here in NYC, I thought I’d share 5 common stages of runner’s high that I unabashedly experience post-race.

Seeing Someone with a Shirt from a Race You Ran and Thinking, “OMG, TWINS!”

Pooh said it first: “Don’t talk to strangers!” Obviously Pooh was not about that running life; otherwise, he’d be quite eager to bond with a random over a previous race. I can’t (well I could but I won’t) tell you how many times I’ve asked someone I’ve never met before all the questions because we ran the same race!

Registering for Another Race Right Away

Two months ago, I ran a half marathon. Two days following that half marathon, I registered for a 10-miler. I think I may have experienced rebirth in my ice bath because my soreness and fatigue did not deter me one bit! There is nothing I want to do more after a good race than have another good race!

Feeling Off in the Off Season

November marks the first month for me in six months that I will not be running a race. It’s not even a week into the month and I’m already getting restless. Despite telling myself that I’m going to take a break, I find myself googling “turkey trot”. Each morning when I walk by my wall of race bibs, I just want to add one more to the stash. I know recovery is a part of the process, but I wish it was filled with vibrant crowds, hilarious cheer signs, and free bagels too!

You Can’t Stop Talking about Running to Non-Runners

It’s unnatural for me to hide my enthusiasm about something; thus I always end up talking about running to non-runners. They may not understand my anguish when I recount the story of coming across a giant hill in mile 12 of a half marathon or why my only Friday night festivities include preparing for Saturday long runs, but they will undoubtedly hear about it. Whether it’s my pre-race routine or post race recap, I’m always excited to share!

Shopping for More Gear When You Have Enough

Since I can remember, shopping has always been a weekly (and sometimes daily) event. Whether I was browsing through a catalog at the kitchen table back in the 90s or scrolling through a struggle website in the early 00s, I’ve spent countless hours looking at clothes. Shopping for running gear is no different. Despite that my workout drawer is overflowing, if someone is promising me shorts that won’t ride up, I just have to buy them!

And there you have it! Happy Running!


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