Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”. But there’s also no place like a new, unexplored city.

I traveled to Lisbon mainly to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon there, but I also enjoyed some sightseeing and food!

Lisbon is located right on the water, so there is a lot of fresh seafood. My concierge was great about recommending local restaurants and eateries so that I could experience the local food scene.


One of my favorite places in Lisbon is the Time Out Market. It reminded of Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, only much more elevated. I loved the communal eating in the center of the hall with the eateries lining the perimeter.


The food was so good that I actually went there twice during my stay in Lisbon. The first time, I ordered roasted cod with sautéed turnip greens and potatoes. The texture of the fish was so perfect, it made me wonder why I try to make cod myself. I was feeling fancy for my second meal, so I ordered duck confit with watercress and parsnip purée.


Dessert was on every corner in Lisbon. Even with food allergies, I was able to find some desserts that I could eat! It was nearly 90 degrees when I visited, so it was the perfect temperature for ice cream! At Amorino, I basked in the deliciousness of this organic dairy-free chocolate sorbet! The flavor of the chocolate was so intense! I have never had sorbet that tasted this good. I’ll definitely be checking out their US locations!

On my final morning in Lisbon, I went to brunch at The Brunch Cafe. I had a lightly fried egg on a tortilla with black beans and avocado!

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.22.12 AM.png

I was not ready to leave Lisbon because everything I tried was amazing!  I was impressed by not only the taste of the food but the beauty of it as well. The pasteis de nata (egg custard pastries) were everywhere, shining bright like diamonds! I know that I’ll have to go back sometime and try all the places I didn’t have to chance to make it to.


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