Life doesn’t stop because you’re training for a race. In fact, it will probably become more hectic than it’s ever been, especially if you still want to maintain somewhat of your social life. Training can be stressful and tiring, so sometimes it’s good to get in a short trip if you can to relax. However, if you have not completed your workouts or long run for the week, it will be challenging to travel on the weekends. If I’m visiting an unfamiliar city, it’s unlikely that I will log a 10 miler when I have little to no perception of where I would be going. If I am visiting a familiar city, I will usually wake up early on either Saturday or Sunday to complete my long run. I don’t about your friends, but none of mine are dying to go to brunch at 9am, which provides the perfect window to slip out and get your miles in.

Traveling while in training is possible. Although, I will admit that I don’t really like it. I tend to travel more for necessity during training—holidays and family gatherings—while saving recreational trips until after my race or between races. Traveling requires immense coordination and scheduling. I am training for a race that is about 3 weeks out and I am using a 10 week training program. So far, I’ve taken two overnight weekend trips and will take another trip in a few weeks. Since my overnight trip was from Saturday until Sunday, I woke up extra early on Saturday morning and crawled out of bed to do my long run. Did I finish? Yes. Did I need 2 cups of coffee before 12pm? Also yes. For my Friday to Sunday trips, I rearranged my schedule to complete my long runs on Thursday evening before leaving for my trip on Friday. I cross-trained Friday morning and ran a shorter distance on Saturday morning. Sundays are typically my rest days. I’d rather be exhausted and spending time with my family than trying to fit in a 2+ hour run when I’ll be home for less than 48 hours. Never be flexible about working out-be flexible with your workouts. By rearranging my schedule, I was able to maintain my intended mileage each week and enjoy my mini vacations. Remember that you don’t have to go into a holding pattern just because you’re in training. I would have missed on some fun experiences had I not adapted my training plan to work with my travel plans.

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