Whether it’s a significant other, friend, job, or city, sometimes what was once beautiful rears its ugly head. It can be hard to imagine the disintegration of something that you wanted for a very long time. Maybe you finally met your dream guy. Or maybe, you finally landed you dream job. Sometimes what was once enough is no longer enough. People are in a constant state of change. And with the change often comes a change of heart. Your daily routine might start to get old. What once drove you out of bed in the morning might make you want to hit the snooze button several times. Nevertheless, when the going gets tough, there are several ways to relieve yourself of your newfound (or newly acknowledged) source of stress.

Schedule Breaks

I don’t know where I would be in life without my Google Calendar. I’m always running from one place to another, so it’s essential that I store my entire schedule in one place. In addition to scheduling meetings and workout classes, I also schedule breaks. When I know I have a busy day ahead, I will schedule a 20-30 minute block just to grab coffee. By having this time already allocated, I force myself to take a break. It’s very easy for me to sit in one spot until a task is completed, so this reminder helps me to take a moment to relax, rehydrate and stretch my legs. I always feel better after I’ve taken a break, even if it’s a short one.

Change your situation

You are the only person in the driver’s seat of your life. Take control and change your situation. This does not mean that everything will work out tomorrow, but if you’re not happy, do something about it. Make a plan. Develop an exit strategy. The first step in changing your situation is to realize that it needs to change and formulating the building blocks so that change comes to fruition.

Speak success into existence

If only we always got it right on the first try. Don’t give up, especially on the harder days. Create your own personal mantra. When I know I have a busy day ahead, I look in mirror and I tell myself that I will be victorious and succeed no matter what. If you believe that you will persevere, you will have the optimism to work hard and do so.

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