Just Peachy

As much as I love good food, I need my meals to be practical. I am great about sitting down for lunch and dinner, but it is challenging for me to carve out enough time for breakfast. In general, I wake up and go to the gym first thing in the morning. Sometimes I sit down for breakfast before leaving for work, and other times I eat first thing when I get to work. Because my mornings are often jam packed and hurried, I need meals that I can eat easily on the go.

Smoothies are my go-to on a weekday morning! I love to put my smoothies in small glass jars that stack easily in my fridge and fit quite well into my work bag.

I always keep a few plant-based protein powders on hand, as well as frozen fruits and veggies, so I can usually put together a smoothie with whatever is on hand. The smoothie below is fantastic for the morning because it has just enough sweetness while still getting in some leafy greens. The freshly grated ginger adds a unique spiciness!

Peachy Green Smoothie 
serves one

1 cup frozen peaches
1 tsp maca powder
1 cup spinach/leafy greens
3/4 cup hemp milk
1 tsp fresh ginger

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

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