I have to admit, I wasn’t a ClassPass fan from the start. There was/still is a lot that I don’t like about it. It bothers me that I have to cancel 12+ hours in advance when a lot of times I’ll be at work thinking I can leave at 5:30 when something goes down at 5:15 and delays me an hour. I don’t like that the missed class fee is  $20 when 5 classes a month costs $75. From a proportional standpoint, I can’t seem to fathom that. I also don’t like that when I visit different studios, I’m treated differently (and often less politely) because I booked via ClassPass instead of paying several hundred dollars a month that I don’t have for a membership. Even so, ClassPass does have its advantages. And while I do get annoyed from time to time, there are several reasons why I’m sticking with it and trying to manage my schedule better to avoid late fees and missed classes.

I like that ClassPass gives me access to so many different neighborhoods in New York City. On the way to my fitness classes, I’ve discovered new restaurants and bars and made mental notes to revisit those places when I’m free. I’ve also been able to explore so many different types of classes that I would not have experienced at a typical gym. In the past week, I’ve done everything from high intensity treadmill workouts to aerial yoga. I use ClassPass to supplement my everyday fitness routine since I mainly just run and lift.

To avoid being late and missing classes, I generally schedule my classes for the weekends or toward the end of the work week when I know that my workload is winding down. That way, I rarely have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Overall, I’m going to continue with ClassPass for now. While the pros and cons may very from city to city, it is definitely worth it if you want to add some variety to your week without handing over $30 or more per class.

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