I don’t really remember the exact moment that I realized I was in love with food, but all of my favorite holidays (and my birthday) all include some sort of feast. Many of the foods that I treat myself to on Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4th, and Christmas are exclusive to those days (and for good reason)!

While I do experiment in the kitchen from time to time, I prefer to go with what I know on holidays. I’m often cooking for a large group of family and friends, so I don’t want to potentially ruin a dish.

The recipes below are from all over the web. I spend at least 1 hour each week searching for allergy-friendly recipes. I love having all of mine in the same place so that I can reference them the next time I’m preparing for a big dinner.

Everything below is completely free of peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish because those are my major allergies. I’m lactose intolerant and I usually use coconut milk/cream/yogurt as a substitute in recipes calling for dairy.


Maple BBQ ribs from Paleo Leap

Veggies and Sides

Brussel Sprout Quinoa Salad from Simply Quinoa

Cornbread from Gluten-Free on a Shoestring

Roasted Carrots


Chocolate Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie

Pumpkin Pie from Primally Inspired

Pie Crust from Oatmeal with a Fork

Blackberry Cobbler Topping from Minimalist Baker

Blackberry Cobbler Filling from Tasty Yummies

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