A few months ago, I decided to train and run a half marathon in only 8 weeks. I was already running 7 miles, so in my mind, I was halfway there. I spent those 8 weeks training intensely, battling through pain and fatigue as I anxiously awaited the finish line. I wanted to be a half marathoner. I wanted something that no one could take from me once I finished. I wanted to feel like I accomplished something great.

Running the race was amazing. The energy on the road was so motivating. I had never been surrounded by so many people determined to reach a goal- whether it was their 1st time or 50th time. Being surrounded by so much passion was great!

I was overwhelmed with joy when I crossed the finished line. I did it! But after a day, I already found myself wondering what I would do next. Running a half didn’t solve all my problems, but instead it distracted me from them for a solid two months.

I still don’t know what is next, but I know I have to find something. I know I have to keep going. The desire to be better is still within me.

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